Question : Do I have to take the liner out of my hat after each use?
Answer : No - hang your hat and go!

Question : Does it have a right and wrong side?
Answer : No - just front and back.

Question : Will it fit my hat?
Answer : The liner fits 99% of all hats on the current market, even those with removable, washable liners.

Question : How long can I leave it in my hat?
Answer : Riders' choice - change your liner as often as you feel necessary.  Weekly, fortnightly, monthly or even up to 6 weeks.

Question : Will it stop my vented hat from working?
Answer : No - the fabric is fully breathable.

Question : Is it absorbent?
Answer : No - the unique fabric keeps your hat dry, even if you are a bit sweaty.

Question : Where does the sweat go?
Answer : It will disperse over the fabric.  We can't stop you sweating, but we can ensure your hat stays dry, sweat and stain free.

Question : Will it affect sensitive skin?
Answer : No - the fabric is hypo-allergenic.

Question : "My hat is already disgusting - I'll wait until I get a new one".
Answer : Why wait - the unique properties of the liner ensure that smells won't seep through into your hair.  It's like putting on a fresh hat every time.

Question : Is it washable?
Answer : No, it is not washable.

Question : Is it scented?
Answer : No - we decided to keep it simple.

Question : Will it make my hat fit me?
Answer : No - the fabric is so thin that you don't even know it's in your hat.  DO get your hat re-fitted if it has lost it's padding.  Safety first.

Question : Will it damage my hat?
Answer : No - due to the unique properties of the fabric and it's ergonomic design the liner stays in your hat without the need for any glue or fasteners.

If you have any questions regarding The Ultimate Riding Hat Liner, please do not hesitate to contact us.   Email : info@whicker.uk.com

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