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Keep your riding hat clean with our simple, easy to use, riding hat liners.  

Sweat, hair products, make-up & sun cream can build up inside your riding hat after time, leaving it grubby and smelly.

Even if your current hat is already a bit grim, by using THE ULTIMATE RIDING HAT LINER in your hat it will prevent the smells getting into your hair.   It's like wearing a new hat!

Simple to use - just place the liner in your hat and keep it there until you want to replace it.

  • 5 Liners per pack
  • Each liner can last up to 6 weeks
  • Will not alter the fit of your riding hat
  • Will not damage your hat
  • Hypo-allergenic fabric
  • Breathable
  • Fits 99% of all hat types (including those with washable liners)

Check out our FAQ's tab for more info.

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